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About us

Our company

Kavak is a disruptive brand looking to change how pre-owned cars are bought and sold in the auto industry.

We want to empower people by helping them solve everything related to one of their most important assets: their car.

Driven by data, technology and innovation, we formalize the pre-owned cars industry, offering a wide catalog of guaranteed and certified cars.

We drive our mission through our e-commerce platform, app complements, and stores around the world, while also providing after sales services and financing options for our customers.



Our ride

In 2014, KAVAK was born with the idea of commiting to solve the inefficiencies of the fragmented used-cars market. By 2016, KAVAK opened its doors in Mexico City.

2020 was a crucial year for KAVAK’s growth and expansion, we not only become the first Unicorn in Mexico by reaching a valuation of 1 Billion Dollars, but we also started our international expansion launching KAVAK in Argentina. We also widened our presence in Mexico by landing at Querétaro, Monterrey, Puebla and Guadalajara.

But this was only the beginning, in 2021 we opened operations in Turkey and Brazil, and by 2022, we’ve reached additional expansion to Latin American markets (Chile, Colombia and Peru).

In 2021, we built the biggest reconditioning center in Latin America in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

KAVAK is driven by the mission of correcting the vulnerabilities that cause risks and frauds in the transactions of the used car market and by providing access to financing opportunities, and we are making it happen!

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