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Kavak is a disruptive brand and a game-changer company in the automotive industry. We want empower people by helping them solve everything related to one of their most important assets: their car.

Driven by data, technology and innovation, we formalize the pre-owned cars industry, offering a wide catalog of guaranteed and certified cars.

Our e-commerce and app complements with many physical stores around the world, our post-sales servicing and our own financial division.

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Our ride

It all started with Carlos García Ottati, founder and CEO of Kavak, who, after two fraudulent personal experiences in buying and selling cars and a deep-dive used car industry research, identified that Latin America and other countries had serious problems: vulnerable transactions because of the risk of fraud and limited car access because of few financing options.

Committed to improving this industry, Carlos García, Loreanne García and Roger Laughlin created a business model guaranteeing secure and transparent transactions: Kavak.